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Black Composers Resource
Created by Bill Doggett 2014-2018, this landmark showcase of  curated content and music represents both the deep background of its author and relationships with a number of the composers represented.     Many samples showcased are loaned directly from
the composer.   
The Resource which includes (1) Black Composer(2) Black Composers 2 (3) Commissioning Black Composers 
is the intellectual property of Bill Doggett for the purposes of  education, artistic curation and retention of Bill Doggett as programming consultant.
The Bill Doggett Centennial
February 16, 2016- February 15, 2017
The Bill Doggett Centennial is a project of Bill Doggett, the nephew and namesake of Bill Doggett.
Bill Doggett II  represents his father, the well documented younger brother of Bill Doggett, the late Reverend John N Doggett Jr [deceased May 2011] 
The representations of The  Bill Doggett and Angelyn Doggett estates as probated in Long Island between 1997-99 without filed Wills are controversial and will be rectified by 2021.
Documentary short film release: Emancipation Proclamaton: The Journey To Freedom: The Civil War@150 Years  Copyright 2012-2015    October 3rd, 2015
Three years in the making, my documentary short film newly hosted by The International Center for American Music is expressly covered by the terms and conditions of the LLC.   
Sync licenses were discussed with EMI Records for use  of the Barbara Hendricks/Moses Hogan recordings in early 2013 with permissions granted and fees waived for use as elements of the soundtrack in this educational film.    Use of  Shawn Okpebholo’s settings of  Oh Freedom and Deep River in their recorded cd versions performed by Will Liverman were contracted directly with composer, Shawn Okpebholo.
If you are interested in bringing this educational documentary short into a commercial status for prospective submission to Film Festivals in 2016 as a documentary short, please use the Contact Us link at left.    
Several requests have arisen to create a Live experience of Shawn Okpebholo’s music.   Both Mr. Okpebholo and I support that.  Please contact me regarding that interest here: Contact Us
The Journal of The San Francisco Museum: The Argonaut Summer 2015 edition Bill Doggett 16 page Feature
Emancipation Proclamation: African American Concert Singers in San Francisco 1880-2000  In Paradisum
The article as published is the full intellectual property of Bill Doggett Productions LLC.  I retain the full ownership of the contents and right to authorize reprints in digital and print publications other than The Argonaut.  Please use the Contact Us form for that purpose
The Painter Photographs of Bill Doggett
All published and unpublished art photography of Bill Doggett is expressly covered and protected as intellectual property.  Permissions to use, re publish or expression of interest for exhibition of said photographs shall be made directly with Bill Doggett