The Underground Railroad: Songs of Hope and Freedom-
The Civil War @150 Years

San Francisco Public Library: Main Library
  The African American Center
Summer 2011
Rich in rare artifacts and 1906-1930 sound recordings from Doggett’s collection, this exhibition explored the interconnection
 of song traditions of enslaved Africans, the coded symbolism of  Negro Spirituals and the stories of valiant men and women who assisted enslaved Africans  in their escape to the North and Canada 1830-1860. 
 A lecture at The Koret Auditorium on July 2nd showcased several early78rpm recordings of Negro Spirituals and Sermons/Singing featuring the rare first recording of Joshua Fit De Battle of Jericho by The Harrod Singers, 1922 on the rare black owned Harlem label, Black Swan.
Between 2012-2015,  an educational documentary film was made 
to tell the story of the journey from slavery to freedom of African Americans utlizing the Negro Spiritual as a story teller and as musical soundtrack.
The film is featured exclusively on line in a special arrangement with the Florence Italy based  International Center for American Music since Fall 2015.   
The film showcases the filmography of the gifted Los Angeles based videographer, Andrew Kimmel. 
Part Two(8:33-15:25) showcases two provocative settings of Negro Spirituals by the contemporary composer, Shawn E. Okpbeholo: Oh Freedom and Deep River.  Both are sung by baritone, Will Liverman.
 To view Doggett’s 15 minute educational documentary short film, click on the link below.   To view, also click pause/stop on the auto music player below