The Journey To Freedom. The Emancipation Proclamation at 150 Years

December 2012- March 2013
The Bayview Opera House,
San Francisco, California
Underwritten by The San Francisco Foundation and The San Francisco Arts Commission, the exhibition was mounted in the  Bayview Opera House in one of  the oldest  San Francisco African American communities.    
Jointly conceived by Executive Director, Barbara Ockel and myself as  an inter generational  opportunity for community dialogue and education, the exhibition showcased original text embellished by enlarged reproduction stock and book sources imagery along with reproduction imagery from my Archive, the placement of text and images in a simple wall mounting created a visceral experience commented upon by many visitors.
This exhibition is available for loan and is easy to mount.   A  multi media lecture accompanies.   

February 2013 Peralta College District, Laney College.  To view click stop/pause on auto music player at bottom of this page

Excerpt from the short Presentation that accompanied this exhibition at The Bayview Opera House, December 2012