Bill Doggett, Painter-Photographer

Multi faceted,  Bill Doggett is an award honored American Constructivist painter-photographer active since 1978 
influenced by Russian Constructivist Art, Photography, Film and the cinematography of  the iconic 1950s-60s Italian film maker, Michelangelo Antonioni whose brilliance is captured by the great
Italian cinematographer, Gianni Di Venanzo.
Equally prominent as influences are Surrealist painters, Rene Magritte and Giorgio De Chirico and  German Expressionist film maker Robert Wiene and cinematographer, Willy Hameister [Das Kabinet des Caligari
The expressive use of  line,  color,  visual space , disorientation in composition, cinematographic tableau, mise en scene & montage are themes consistent throughout my work which reference a uniquely blended mix of  film, photography and modern art.

About the photographs

Bill Doggett is a painter using a camera as his brush and canvas, creating a blended genre of photography, cinematography and painting.
The repertoire of images date from 1978 to Fall 2016 .  There is a vast repertoire of unpublished images that call out for a Exhibition Retrospective.
You may view them larger by clicking on them.
By doing so you will discover significant detail not seen in the smaller thumbnails.
They are intentionally watermarked to protect the intellectual property associated with them .   
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Several of my photographs are prominently showcased   

2017 History Interactions Exhibition- San Francisco Bayview Opera House

Featured in The 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics Arts Festival exhibition,  LA ’84  and published in 1989 in the critical photography opus of Deborah Willis Thomas,  Black Photographers 1940- 1988, 
Doggett’s painterly photographs are deeply impacted by cinematic Mise en scène  a core aspect of the cinematographic language of film makers, Antonioni,Welles, Wiene and Eisenstein

Doggett’s photography exists in double meaning.  These images are completely Mise en Scene and biographical.  A body of narrative exists with select image Series

Legal:  All images presented are intellectual property of  Bill Doggett and included in the LLC status of  Bill Doggett Productions LLC.   Images are watermarked for intellectual property protection.     
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