- Bill Doggett

“Bill Doggett is a Marketing Agent who has worked with the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Music composer, Anthony Davis, renowned legacy composer, Adolphus Hailstork, Black/British, composer Richard Thompson and consulted with important emerging composers. “

” The nephew of Bill Doggett, the renowned 1950s Rock n Roll/R&B jazz organ headliner, Bill Doggett created a distinguished reputation in the Classical Performing Arts as a marketing representative and relationships manager for leading contemporary African American composers interfacing with national and international stakeholders from 2012-2022 ” 

-Bil Doggett

Doggett specializes as a consultant in curating DEI Composers repertoire for musicians, artistic administrators and presenters

- Bill Doggett

“A recipient of a 2022 Grammy Museum Preservation Assistance grant that gives a national spotlight to his Race and Early Recorded Sound Archive, Bill Doggett is also a well respected, published author and scholar specialized in the understanding of Race and Race Consciousness through the lens of historical media and technology”

“Nominated for the 2022 Dan David Prize for History, Doggett was also – featured in June-July 2021 Radiolab-NPR “The Vanishing of Harry Pace” Six Episodes Podcast”


September 2021 feature by Bill Doggett: Black Swan Records, The Story and Legacy of a Black Classical Music Label 1921-1923 https://www.sfcv.org/articles/feature/black-swan-records-story-and-legacy-black-classical-music-label-1921-1923


- Bill Doggett

“Bill Doggett has also been recognized for leadership as a social entrepreneur utilizing the Arts as a vehicle for inter generational dialogue within and across diverse communities.”

His leadership has been recognized by the former Mayor of The City of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, California State Senator, Mark Leno and former Mayor of The City of Berkeley Mayor, Tom Bates and former Berkeley City Councilman, Darryl Moore.



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Harlem:The Lost Generation of Classically Trained Black Singers in the shadow of The Great Migration and WW1


ART DIRECTION and Digital Platform Music Education: Opera Philadelphia, Lilacs by George Walker


Bill Doggett is the nephew and namesake of the 1950s King of R&B and Jazz Organ, Bill Doggett and began his work as a promoter, artist agent and event planner in San Francisco in 2010-2013 promoting artists and events in the genres of Neo Soul, Blues, World Music and Jazz.  Doggett was a featured presenter in Pittsburgh for the 2015 Billy Strayhorn Centennial

- Bill Doggett

A Track Record of Project Management

During the years 2006-2013, Bill Doggett was viewed in the San Francisco Bay Area as a community engaged Activist Social entrepreneur event planner, specializing in new audience development and community outreach in multiple demographics.

His vision was to engage diversity within and across communities inter generationally based on shared values and cultural legacies.

He is the recipient of Certificates of Recognition from former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and California Senator Mark Leno for outstanding community development projects with additional recognition as the recipient of a venture seed fund grant for a community empowering pilot project in San Francisco 2007-08.

Between 2008-2010, Doggett served on The San Francisco Human Rights Commission in one of their important community advisory committees.

2006-2008: Black Men’s Health and Wellness Mixers: Magnet, Castro District, San Francisco: Co Founder

The Magnet based Black Men’s Health and Wellness Mixers were a showcase project developed in Summer/Fall 2006 which combined issues of social justice, health and wellness and social ministry work for Black men in San Francisco.

Doggett organized and produced a community outreach and wellness event for African American gay men in San Francisco’s Castro District.

This project produced a monthly inter generational
community wide networking event and community forum that engaged an average of 50 men who had previously experienced alienation and displacement from issues of racial discrimination in The Castro.

The event goal was to reframe the conversation about the place of African American Gay men in the Castro after the contentious 2004-05 Badlands Bar events and the closure of The Pendulum, the historic Black bar in the Castro district.

The outcome of these events created a welcoming perception to become an event for all Men of Color including Hispanic, Asian Pacific Islander and Friends and supporters.

This important community empowering pilot project of Magnet Mens’ Health and Community Center [now a division of The San Francisco Aids Foundation] created opportunities for participation, visibility and projects of community service.

The Black Men’s Health and Wellness Mixers were the recipient of two proclamation from San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom for outstanding community engagement, June 2007. The first proclamation was given to Magnet, the hosting agency and the second was given to Bill Doggett for outstanding leadership.